My Talking Pet Review

Review by Nataly Janssen / 27 Mar 2020
My Talking Pet
  • The powerful algorithm that makes your pets look like talking
  • Make your pets say just about anything you want
  • A built-in collection of pet photos for you to play with
  • Many sharing options to share your creations with friends.
  • Relatively expensive.
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My Talking Pet is an adorable app that makes photos of your pets come to life. Just upload a photo and make your pet say anything you want. The app features lots of editing options for a picture itself or voices messages you record, and there are also many sharing options for you to share your creations with your friends.

Customization Options

My Talking Pet may not be the most useful app out there, but it’s one of the most entertaining apps for true pet lovers. My Talking Pet allows you to play with photos of your favorite pets by making them talk, making funny faces, etc. All you have to do is upload a photo, and the app’s algorithm will do the rest – it can automatically recognize your pet’s facial features, making it easy to change the emotions its face shows.

You may help the app by moving crucial points of your pet’s face around to make the expressions even more realistic: show My Talking Pet where its eyes, nose, and mouth are, and start playing! You can edit the photo with lots of instruments and filters, so try to make your dog wear a funny hat or add tiny glasses. Of course, there are many editing options, too: you can customize them in many unique modes, making your favorite furball even more adorable than it is in real life.

Moreover, the algorithm is so advanced that you can make your pet look around in realistic 3D just as there were multiple photos taken from multiple angles. And there’s an option to add a text on top so you can create your funny memes or comment on the funniest pictures.

Make Them Talk

Anyway, the most prominent and fun feature of My Talking Pet is the option to voice your pets. Make them say anything by recording a message and changing its pitch from extremely low to extremely high levels. Then the app’s algorithms will animate your photo accordingly, making a clear impression of the pet talk. However silly that may sound, it’s quite hilarious, and there’s a certain chance you will want to share the result with all of your friends immediately.

That’s why My Talking Pet also has a variety of sharing options for you to use. Send your creations via any social media or platform you want – you can even choose multiple people, and don’t forget to look at their own pet ideas. And if you don’t even have a pet, that’s not a problem: the app has an archive of all kinds of adorable little pets that you can voice. Despite the concept being that simple, the app can be time-consuming, so watch out.

Do we recommend this app?

Silly yet extremely entertaining, My Talking Pet is a great way to spend a couple of hours playing with adorable little pets – or make your own cat or dog come to life and say something hilarious. But it costs a substantial sum, so watch out for that monthly fee.

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