Google Classroom Review

Review by Steve Nielsen / 27 Mar 2020
Google Classroom
  • Free videoconferencing with high-quality audio and video
  • Lots of instruments to assign and review different tasks
  • Powerful toolbox for editing graphs and drawing
  • Doesn’t have ads and never misuses your personal data.
  • Many annoying bugs
  • Connectivity problems
  • Updates break things.
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Google Classroom is a free educational app designed specifically for organizing remote classes. With a variety of drawing options, built-in graph editor, and advanced communication tools, this app is a nearly perfect instrument for every student or teacher. No matter what you’re studying, – Google Classroom is going to enhance your remote learning experience.

Remote Lessons

Google Classroom provides its users with an amazing toolbox that includes instruments for organizing virtual classes and establishing a direct communication channel between learners and teachers. There is no need to create a separate account for this app – students can be added directly by classroom owners or join manually by entering a shortcode. All you need is your common Google account, and it takes a couple of minutes to gather everybody and start a lesson.

Google Classroom allows teachers to send notifications about upcoming classes or schedule them – scheduled lessons will start automatically at the specified time. Once the experience begins, students get an impressive amount of communication tools: they can interact with their teacher or each other. There is also an option to create mini-tests or questionnaires in real-time.

The app offers much more than just a videoconferencing service it can be considered one of the most functional educational apps out there. While Google Classroom does not contain any materials on its own, the app features all kinds of instruments for teachers to explain any curriculum. That list includes a convenient assignment system that allows them to create, edit, review, and rate tasks for their students, a variety of drawing tools, a built-in graph editor, and many more.

Quick And Reliable

Google Classroom focuses on providing the most reliable and comfortable service, even for people with a weak or unstable Internet connection. That’s why the app is completely free and lacks ads. Moreover, it gathers your data but never uses it for commercial purposes, so you can always feel safe while learning or teaching others. The video and audio quality is rather good, and problems are quite rare: most of the time, you can access your classes with just a couple of taps.

Of course, the security is also top-notch: like the rest of Google products, the Classroom employs the most reliable security algorithms that make sure your data won’t be stolen.

Do we recommend this app?

Google Classroom may have issues like frequent connectivity issues or problems logging into a lesson, but it’s free, powerful, and very popular. So if you’re looking for an app to interact with students during the lockdown, make sure to check it out.

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