Candy Crush Saga Review

Review by Steve Nielsen / 22 Jun 2020
Candy Crush Saga
  • Incredibly addictive and polished gameplay
  • Literally thousands of unique levels
  • Many different challenges with different goals
  • Great visuals and satisfying sound effects
  • Syncs across various devices seamlessly.
  • Contains ads that are quite annoying
  • May be too time-consuming sometimes
  • Features many in-app purchases.
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Candy Crush Saga is an adorable puzzle game in which you have to switch colorful candies to make up candy combos that get instantly destroyed, making room for more candies. As you destroy more candy pieces, new levels become unlocked, offering you new bonuses and interesting layouts. The game has a variety of challenges to make sure you will never get bored or disappointed.

Crushing Candies

Candy Crush Saga is one of those mobile games that don’t really need an introduction – one of the best match-three games, it’s played by millions of people. But what’s so special about it? Well, the concept’s out of the question: there’s literally nothing to invent here, and all you’re going to do is switch colorful candies trying to bring three of them together. So it must be some secondary features that make Candy Crush Saga so great and popular.

And that seems to be the case, indeed. First of all, the visual effects are superb: just about everything on your screen constantly shines, glows, jumps, and bursts. The sound effects match that level by providing you with extremely satisfying commentaries on every successful action like destroying many candies in a row or completing a level. All of this makes the game really fun to play, and you find yourself craving more and more even after a couple of hours of non-stop candy crushing.

Moreover, the candies themselves are not similar: even simple candies vary in shape and color, making your eye relax. And there are lots of bonuses and special blocks that may alter the way candies behave, or grant you some additional power. These features make Candy Crush Saga really diverse and fun, and its popularity seems to be very well deserved, after all.

More Challenge

The gameplay may stay the same, but goals vary. Candy Crush Saga features many different challenges that have their own rules. Sometimes you need to just reach some score, and other modes may make you destroy only a certain type of candies. This variety allows you to find your favorite mode or just change them frequently to avoid being bored.

There are literally thousands of levels in the game, and new ones get added every couple of weeks, so it is almost impossible to run out of candies to crush. This makes the game endless, allowing you to play it for months and even years. And don’t forget about daily challenges that allow you to win additional boosters and other bonus items.

Do we recommend this game?

Arguably the best mobile puzzle game, Candy Crush Saga offers you endless match-three action with a lot of interesting challenges and tons of various levels that get updated frequently. A definite must-have for everybody who owns a mobile phone.

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