Five Fortnite Features Potentially Coming Soon

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Fortnite is a cooperative free game for those who prefer zombie survival genre and cartoon-styled graphics. Players have to explore the world, fight off the attacks of the living dead, and defend their territory. In addition to the world exploring mode, the game also has a battle royale mode in which players can also build their fortresses in the same way. However, here they have to fight not just with the living dead but with other players as well. 

Fortnite Battle Royale became the main competitor to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds not only on Twitch but also in terms of the number of people playing at the same time. However, here the fact that the game is free said its word. Fortnite BR does not require any costs, and therefore allows you to start playing and winning exceptionally quickly.

The April fix for Fortnite may have been small. However, there were a few big changes hidden in the game files, which raised suspicions of further changes to the royal battle in the coming weeks. 

What We Know

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Updates for Fortnite were made to fix performance issues, not for adding novelties into the game. However, we might expect some exciting changes in the future, as data explorers will open up new items that are ready to be added to future fixes.

The Deadpool event is in full swing in Fortnite, but these leaked items may show what happens next. Five items in a technical update on April 8th were discovered. Although now they exist only in the form of lines of code, so we can’t see any leaked Fortnite skins or items at the moment. There are no images available, and players can now have a little idea of ​​what to expect.

The list of unreleased items includes new Tornado Grenades, detailed Upgrade Stations, Rocket Launcher, a Clone Machine, and a Chug Stand. For those who are extremely curious and want to see more with their own eyes, there is a list of descriptions and lines. 

The complete list looks like this:

  • WID_Athena_LumpyRug – A new type of rocket launcher;
  • WID_ShakingTurtle – Tornado Grenade;
  • AGID_Wumba – Detailed update stations;
  • AGID_CoolMammoth – Cloning machine;
  • Athena_ChuckleSaddleItem – Chug stand.

However, adding new items to game files does not mean that the players can touch them someday. Some of these new pieces of equipment may never see the light of day in Fortnite. The changes may also undermine the evolution of the meta-royal battle.

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Fortnite players have been arguing about the upgrades since the release of Warzone stations. The expansion of their power could progress customization for players in every game.

It can also enable gold material to find use in Fortnite finally. It seems that players who are receiving gold in exchange for upgrading their weapons accept the way the improvement stations work. It concerns the work after the possible changes in the future, although the creators confirmed nothing. 

Soon, some of these new features will be implemented in fix 12.40, which will be released on April 14. However, likely, for some time, we will not see any of these elements in the Fortnite item shop.

What About Other Surprises?

fortnite 2 poster

The Fortnite 2 have already started. We can enjoy new  Disney and Epic Games teamwork. After Avengers and Star Wars crossovers, Fortnite hooks up with Marvel’s famous Deadpool. His skin is available but not in that way we all expected. 

Despite previous crossover skins orders in Fortnite, you can’t just buy Deadpools’ look in the items shop. Instead, you must unlock it through various challenges this season. It’s not just one challenge, as there are new weekly challenges that you must complete to earn.

Challenges with one of the most unusual characters are hidden in his secret shelter. You can find this room by going to the Battle Pass tab in the main lobby. It will lead you to the undercover agent’s room, where you need to click the ventilation hole on the right side of the room.

fortnite season 2 gameplay

As for the third season, its theme is likely to be entirely devoted to water — even some parts of the map will go underwater, although the Agency seems to remain. And instead of Deadpool, in the next season we might see Aquaman. Aquaman also blends in very well with the underwater theme season, and we could see some additional DC skins included in the game! It will be similar to the X-Force skins that we received in the second season. New yet unreleased Fortnite skins, weapons, and exciting challenges wait for the fans of the game. It is also possible for the appearance of new modes of transport, as this would significantly increase the level of movement in the game.

Skin, known as an “engineer” because of its code name in the game, is expected to be part of a new combat badge. The image of this character appears in the Midas room in the Agency. It may also become an element of the plot in the future. However, only the creators know the truth. 

Everybody Wants to Know the Future

Fortnite is an insanely popular multiplayer game, belonging to the battle royale genre, which is very trendy now. Gamers discuss it, the leading media platforms write about it. Of course, everyone wants to know what will happen next and what surprises to expect in the future. Perhaps players will be allowed to see new types of weapons soon and test them. Maybe we will also see a clone making machine. Isn’t it exciting? 

Besides, the next season is just around the corner with its new skins. As Chapter 2, the second Fortnite season draws to an end, fans get ready and reflect on what will happen in season three. As usual, posters appeared around the map giving some clues and teasers about the direction of the new season.

Let’s hope that the Fortnite novelties will be bright and useful for the players. Fans often argue about upgrades, but everything changes for the better eventually, one way or another. Share the post with your friends to discuss all the possible upgrades and have fun. You are also welcome to comment on what you think about the future of Fortnite and what changes you would like to see. Subscribe to get more information about your favorite games.