E3 2020 Canceled, but Life Goes On

Nataly Janssen


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While the gaming industry is obviously among those that can benefit from the COVID-19 pandemic, its offline events are as vulnerable as any others. So it happened with E3 2020. One of the most important conferences in the gaming world has been cancelled.

It’s as official as it gets; the ESA, the organization behind the event, has confirmed the news. They didn’t even have to explain the reasons, though they did. What’s not so obvious is the decision not to hold even an online event. The offline event was cancelled the week before the announcement. But it’s still possible to organize streams and hold a series of online conferences instead.

The original plans suggested that the event would have happened in LA on June 9-11. It’s clear now that by this moment the medicine will still be fighting the ubiquitous coronavirus. But the organizers hope for the brighter future already in 2021. So they look forward to E3 2021, though it’s too early for official announces.

E3 2020 is not the only event cancelled because of COVID-19. The list of would-bes also includes SXW, GDC, and potentially it may affect presentations by Sony and Microsoft – the most anticipated events of the year. As for announces and presentations prepared for E3, they probably will be held by companies independently, and (we guess) mostly online.