Coronavirus Won’t Affect PS5 Release

Steve Nielsen


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From the very beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many have wondered whether it affects the release dates of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. 

Rumors about the postponement of the release were largely based on the fact that employees of many companies, including Microsoft and Sony, work remotely now. However, Sony claims that the pandemic won't affect the planned release date for the new console. 

Besides, during a conversation with Bloomberg, Sony representative purportedly announced that the console would be released at the end of the year. This fact disproves all the rumors that have been around the project. 

Sony notes that the PS5 will receive an AMD Ryzen processor and contains eight cores of the new Zen 2 microarchitecture, as well as a Radeon Navi graphics card with support for ray tracing and 8K resolution. Console data will be stored in the SSD.

The PlayStation 5 will come with a new gamepad with an improved vibration system and customizable “triggers” (R2 and L2 buttons). Their pressing force can be adjusted to feel the pulling power of a bowstring or change the feel of a machine gun or shotgun in a game.

Earlier, Microsoft confirmed that the new Xbox (now known as Project Scarlett) would also be released in late 2020. Thus, the release of the new PlayStation and Xbox will launch the ninth generation of consoles.