10 Games We Want to See on Nintendo Switch

Steve Nielsen


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Nintendo Switch has always been a world of its own, with tons of exclusives and ports from previous Nintendo consoles, Pokémon and Animal Crossing, specs that just cannot be compared to those of Xbox or PlayStation, and unique control system. It has always been okay for world-famous titles to arrive on Switch years after they have been played through on other platforms – and still sell great. So Switch owners can always hope for some title that hit can arrive on Switch at any moment, no matter if it’s fresh or classic.

So, there are so many games we’d like to see on Nintendo Switch, and they still can make it there, despite all the years gone. The wishlist could have included hundreds of titles, but we decided to settle for ten. All of them could be easily adjusted for Joy-Cons and touch controls, played on an external or on the built-in screen, whatever mode you prefer. So, here is the list.


starbound gameplay

This new school 2D platformer has been around since 2016, or even earlier. The story is quite typical for these games: there is a curse called The Ruin, and you are the one to save the Earth from its appetite. In the open world, you advance your character, get upgraded, catch beasts, explore and conquer dungeons and old temples, and stuff.

The game is rated as “Very Positive” on Steam by 63K reviewers. It’s similar to Terraria, as you have to both fight, craft and explore. Some even compare it to Minecraft, though they are too distant. Its stylized graphics, though, would look great on the Switch screen, and it won’t be too much of a task for the CPU.


Autonauts gameplay

Though on Steam this game was officially released in October 2019, it had been in development and open for previewing for years by then. It’s an exploration game set in an open world, where you also have to build your own vehicles and robots for exploration. Imagine a jolly bricky version of Trailmakers, and here is Autonauts.

The low-poliness is rather good here; it means Switch will handle it well, with no throttle. Still, this Lego-to-Minecraft style is still a thing. In addition, you won’t have to leave it at home: take it with you on Switch!

Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon gameplay

Yes, that very Zoo Tycoon. The original game was released in 2001, and, despite obsolete visuals, it still boasts enticing, immersive gameplay. Building and maintaining a zoo to attract visitors and keep the animals healthy and jolly is quite a piece of work. The game is also made with a specific sense of humor. So, Switch will make a good home for it.


Catherine gameplay

This adventure starts with simple confusing names. Engaged to the school crush Katherine, the protagonist meets another girl, Catherine with a C (and – a spoiler – later you’ll encounter a Qatherine with a Q! Just don’t call her Quarantine). In fact, you will need some measures to heal, as the nightmares you see are really killing men around, and Catherine has something to do with it.

This is a puzzle-based game, requiring solving puzzles to survive through nightmares. Not resting on rich graphics, it will be just what Switch needs.


Kindergarten gamplay

It’s not so childish as you might think. The school is the place to make it through, as a fellow of your protagonist has mysteriously disappeared. Now you have to learn to survive through the day in the school where every adult, from the janitor to the headmaster, has some dark secrets and uncertain intentions. Full of brutal irony and really engaging puzzles, this game is a potential hit on Switch. 

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included gameplay

This game is sometimes compared to Autonauts, and they have something in common, in terms of both gameplay and visuals. There is a space colony you live in, and you need to survive through lack of more than just oxygen. There are dangers everywhere: space radiation, overheating, freezing, meteorites, and so on. The colony, though, is capable of more than survival: you need to lead it to prosperity. Focused on gameplay more than on visuals, it’s a great candidate for Switch.

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange poster

Here comes another one already successful on other platforms. Life Is Strange is a gamified take on the Butterfly Effect idea, with literal allusions to it: there is a storm coming, caused by some metaphorical (or literal?) butterfly, and you’re to prevent it.

This time the sound of thunder reaches Max Caulfield when she realizes she can turn back time and replace some episodes of the past. The first rewind comes to save her ex-bestie, but it’s not as sweet as it gets. Life is strange, and the better Max masters her superpower, the more complications it causes. Finally, it’s all about values: you can’t save everything, so save what’s dearer. And it’s all about trials and errors, so being portable is just what the doctor ordered for it.

Portal & Portal 2

Portal 2 gameplay

Well, this is the era-defining adventure-puzzle game that the current generation of consoles totally lacks (while on PC it is still demanded and played). Frankly speaking, porting a 2007-2011 dilogy to PS4 or Xbox 360 makes no sense. But on Switch, this series would find a new life. The adventure through Aperture Labs labyrinths, accompanied by the voice of GLaDOS, may look obsolete on larger screens, but it would have been great on Switch. The question is whether Valve would ever let this series appear outside of Steam.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher gameplay

One of the most beautiful indie games of the latest years hasn’t appeared on Nintendo Switch yet, despite numerous requests by fans. The story of a girl that inherited a slime ranch on a distant planet and now runs it is quite a hybrid of a farming slimulator, a first-person adventure in an open world, and a visual feast with brightest colors you could imagine. While playing Slime Rancher you optimize your management skills, explore new species, and just enjoy the unearthly beauty of this world. Well, this one will look better on a TV screen. And its unusual control system would greatly combine with Joy-Cons. And, given its addictive potential, many players would love to have it portable.

Monster Prom

Monster Prom gameplay

Would you like to date a monster? Damn yes, if it happens in Monster Prom, one of the most imaginative dating simulators ever! There is little time before the prom in a monster high school, and you have to find a date; and, yes, they are all just as much of monsters as you are. So you have to become someone your potential date would like to go out with. This creative adventure has become a hit on PC, and there have been requests to port it to Nintendo Switch. 

And which one would you like to have on the most outstanding gaming console nowadays? Drop some titles in the comments, and we’ll discuss. While making this list we were glad to learn that some titles we expected (like Firewatch) are already here. Maybe by the time you’re reading this some of the dreams above will come true too.