June's Journey - Hidden Objects Review

Review by Nataly Janssen / 27 Mar 2020
June's Journey - Hidden Objects
  • A long adventure story
  • High quality pictures
  • Low system requirements
  • Long gameplay (or rather gameread)
  • Events and updates
  • The pictures are too static
  • Elements like mansion decoration may seem alien
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June’s Journey is a point-and-click adventure set in the twenties of the XX century. You follow the story of June, who just wanted to take care of her orphaned niece, but unwillingly entered the most dangerous adventures around the world. It takes minutes to install June’s Journey, but it provides many hours of fun.

Fantastic Voyage

Her name is June Parker. Her sister Clare was killed with her husband, and now June is the only one to care for their daughter Virginia. The official version that Harry killed Clare and committed suicide doesn’t quite convince June, and she starts her private investigation. It will lead her further than she expects.

The quests start right when June enters the mansion and meets the housekeeper, and then they go nonstop. Along with your travels and adventures, you buy furniture and decorations for the mansion. The more successful you are at your quests, the more coins you get for that. This makes the gameplay a bit more complicated and not so linear: finally, you are to build your own world with islands full of heavenly beauty.

It’s really fun to follow, as June has to pursue the mystery around the world, travel to Europe and further. Among the objects you are to find, there are clues that really move the story forward; others are just for earning points.

You’ll need the energy to proceed to new chapters. It recovers with time, but if you consider it too long to wait, you can recover it for coins. The coins, of course, can be bought in the game store, though the game itself is free. You can also get rewarded if you participate in events frequently held in the game.


If you have played any point-and-click adventures, you may predict what June’s Journey delivers. On its levels, you need to find objects you’re offered to, from books and easels to chimneys and shutters. The quicker you do it, the more bonus points you get. Your accuracy is also rated (so zoom in with no doubt).

The story is linear: you won’t change it by making choices. You are guided through the adventure, and you need to complete the tasks to proceed to the next chapter. It is rather an interactive graphic novel.

The visuals are quite nice, but the game is (logically) completely static and 2D. The designers recompense that with high-quality pictures with lots of details, bright (or expressive dark) colors, and easy dialogs. More than that: the story evolves, the game gets constant updates, and the game seems to never end, like a high-rated show. Or rather like a literature serial so popular in the times June’s Journey tells about.

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